1. Why Alpha custom writing services?

We at Alpha custom writing services take all kind of orders related to this field from our customers. Our work includes quality services for Thesis, Research reports, Management reports, Dissertations, Research proposal, Course work, Cover pages etc. We owns expert and experienced writers.

  1. How secure and private is Alpha custom writing services?

We take privacy and security very seriously. We use industry leading practices for security purposes. We use email registrations, 256 Bit SSL encryption. We make sure that even our employees maintain the privacy and security of our customers.

Our writers do not have any kind of access to your personal information. We do not share your information to any third party or our writers unless told to do so. You will contact us with a client ID which will be visible to us only for interactions. Users are requested to please read our privacy policy to learn more about how Alpha custom writing services protects your private information.

  1. Is there a database of pre-written materials?

We do not have any kind of database of pre-written materials. All the papers are written by our authors from the scratch.

  1. Is there a possibility of plagiarism in completed order?

No, there is a zero probability of plagiarism in the completed order as the whole paper is written by our writer’s knowledge and creativity. Every paper is different from one another.

  1. Is my payment secure?

Your payment is secure with us, as we use 256 Bit SSL encryption during payment transactions. Users need not to worry for any kind of transactions as they are totally secured.

  1. How do I place an order on your website?


  1. My order requires me to use a specific reference document that I do not have, can you find it?

Our writers have access to online resources and databases from where they can surely help you. However, this is a fact that we cannot find everything, but in those cases we will inform you in advance and then we can typically arrive at a reasonable solution. This will not hamper your time and money and our work.

  1. Who will complete my order?

Your work will be completed by our writers and that too with proper satisfaction and with all those terms and conditions that you requested.

  1. How will I get my order?

You will be notified via an e-mail on completion of your order and you can tell us how and where you would like to download your product from.

  1. What happens if I need last minute changes made to my order?

We surely will make any required changes and will make our best effort to complete it before deadline. However, all changes will be done in accordance with our revision policy.

  1. How qualified are the writers?

Our writers are well equipped with the resources and knowledge required to perform their job. We provide proper training to them and make sure that all writers are comfortable enough to perform the job.

  1. Where do the writers find references?

Our writers have access to many resources and databases of journals, books, articles etc. We only use credible and scholarly resources and databases.

  1. When will my custom paper be done?

When you place your order with Alpha custom writing services, we try to deliver your order as soon as possible. However, our writers need sufficient amount of time for in-depth search to make sure that the work done is of top notch quality. We would request you to choose a suitable deadline when placing your order ad it will include our writers research time, their writing time and also the time that you would take to read that paper and for any further corrections that you may want.

Make sure to send all the additional details and information that is essential for the order. Failing to do so will results in the extension of deadline further.

  1. What happens if I am not satisfied?

In case of minor changes, we will do it for you and will try to deliver it on time. If you want to make some significant changes in the original order then we will be charging an additional re-writing fee which depends on the tasks length and complexity. For more information please check our revision policy.

  1. What is the samples service?

In sample service we provide you with some of the sample work from our writer so that you get acquainted with the style of writing that our writers will be using. You can choose for any particular writing style.

  1. How will I be able to send my case study/articles/materials to the writer?

***********************((After you are through with the order form you will be automatically provided with your Personal order page at  AlphaCustomWritingServices.com. Any of the required case studies/articles/materials can be attached directly to the 'Files'  list of your Personal order page if you have previously selected this option in the order form. As soon as the materials  are uploaded in that list they become visible for the writer. If you experience any difficulties with uploading your files,  feel free to contact our operator and ask for assistance.))***********************

  1. What is your revision policy?

We are happy to revise your order as long as it fits into the scope of your original order. Revision that are completed within a few days of actual submission of original order are free of cost. However, after that an additional fee will be charged as per the time lengths it consume.

  1. I haven’t received my custom paper by the deadline. What should I do?

If ever this situation arises, contact us immediately with your order number and other details. We will carefully examine your order for any issues as why you have not received it or what has happened to your order. Generally this never happens with us, but if the situation arise we will make sure to deliver the original order to you as soon as possible or if original order is already sent and you have lost it, we will send you a copy of it.

  1. What if I do not like my custom paper?

If you do not like your paper after the paper is completed by us then we would request you to send your comments or any particular changes that you want in the paper beforehand so that our writers are able to make changes as per your request while preparing your paper. Changes done after wards can attract additional fees as per the complexity of the work, as it will take additional time and efforts of our writers.

  1. Who will write my custom paper?

Our staff consists of professional writers and they are categorized on the basis of their skill set to ensure the quality of the service. If you are not a new customer to our company then you have a choice to request for a writer of your choice who have completed your order previously.

  1. What happens if I request a writer and they are unavailable?

We try to ensure that the writer you requested for is available to you. However, we cannot promise this as sometime it may not be a possible due to various reasons. We will let you know in advance about the situation and then it will be your call. We can provide another writer whose writing style matches to your requested writer, if that is acceptable to you.

  1. What does Alpha custom writing services do to ensure that my requested writer is available?

We have implemented some measures to make sure that your requested writer is available. A number of factors may lead to the unavailability of that particular writer such as:

  • Writer has left the job and no longer works for us
  • Writer may have gone for vacation
  • Writer does not want to work on specific types of orders

  1. I am on the order form and don't see "Requested" as a Writer Type option.

***********************((If you only see two Writer Type options (best available and graduate), it's because you are not logged in. Log in by clicking "Account Login" on the top-left of the page (on desktop) or simply visit the dashboard page. If you are ordering from a mobile or tablet device, tap on the menu bars on the top-left and click "Login to Ultius" to access your account. Once you are logged in you will see the third Writer Type option.))***********************

  1. I accidentally placed an order but forgot to request a writer. What do I do?

You can contact us through email with your requested writers name and ID and we will make sure to assign that particular writer if the work is yet to be started. In case if any other writer is already working on your order then it would not be possible for us to assign your requested writer.

  1. Can I request multiple writers for the same order?

Unfortunately this is not possible for any order. As of now the request for multiple writers is not available.

  1. I have other questions or concerns that are not addressed here.

For other concerns and questions, please contact our support team.