How to write a book report?

Book report is an essay discussing the contents of a book, written as a part of class assignment issued to the students in school and colleges. Writing a book report can be lot of fun. It gives you chance to read a new book and then tell your teachers and friends what you thought about it. Reading and then writing your emotions can be highly exciting for few. Book reports can take on many different forms. The three types of effective book reports are plot summaries, character analysis and theme analyses. A student should know how to prepare it properly. There are several points to remember while writing a book report and we have mentioned them below. One should keep in mind, if he wants to write a successful book report he should have interest in the book he is going to read else the hard work done will go in vain.

  • Book reading

The report which we need to write is on the book hence the most important and predictable part is reading the book. One should try to give 100% of his attention towards reading the book because this in return will get him excellent book report. While reading attentively one should not refrain from noting down all the important facts which can prove to be helping. Intelligent work should be done by taking notes scrupulously in order to avoid missing the descriptions of characters, events and various important instances found in the book. Which means one can write a summary as well while reading so that when the main writing is done no point remains uncovered and then there will be no need to read the book again to find the required description. Hence if one records all the important issues it is more than half of the work done.

  • Compose the outline

When we make book report the work should be taken out logically and systematically. It must not be conducted chaotically, so the student is expected to prepare a good outline and mark all the essential points to remember. For preparing a successful book report one need to have distinct plan of writing. One should never forget about the organization of the logical text and good outline will prove to be useful in achieving it. Best thing is to divide this report in three parts

  1. The introduction
  2. The main part
  3. The conclusion

We can further divide main part into several sub chapters so that reader will get the exact idea that what is happening and does not feel lost out.sub chapters will also help in presenting a professional description of the thought provoking and important issue related with the book.

  • Introduction

The introductory part is written to provide information to the reader regarding the basic information of the book. This should be written in impressive manner because this would be first form of communication between student and reader, it is always said first impression lasts long. Hence once should keep his eyes and mind open while writing introduction. It should contain the genre, the reason of the choice of the book, its style, its place in the world literature. One should not forget to mention that why this book is close to his heart and the reason to choose it above all the other options available. Moreover one can add that that book touches upon a certain thought provoking problem. In short by writing this piece we have to create a strong impression on our reader. Because once he is impressed we will be sorted after that.

  • Main chapter

Heart of whole report is probably the main part. If heart stops working we die likewise if main body is not written well then whole of the hard work goes in vain. In this part one is supposed to open the whole potential of the book dwelling on the characters, plot problems, time period about which the story is. Point which is not to be missed is comparison of other books of author with this should be done. Comparison can make our report look better. If we are talking about comparison then the other books of same genre should also be considered. The books of same league must not be ignored and should be given equal importance.  Before anything one is expected to describe the time of writing and then present brief plot summary of the book. Attention should be paid to the characters and their influence on the general view of text and the development or the solution of the problem under description. It is advisable to write about the problems which can be found in the writing. Hence main chapter should be framed in a way it provides overview of whole of the book along with the characters and comparisons and the problems coming up in any possible way.

  • Summarize and revise the report

In the final step the young student should conclude the report in profound and professional way. One is expected to evaluate the relevance, its importance, its importance and influence on the society appropriately to prove to the reader that the book has sense. One should also define its importance for the personal development and self education. One should also give his view that where this book stands in international literature. One should not refrain from pointing out the strong and weak side of the texts. Once you are done with this then it is the time for revising the report. One should check it thoroughly and make sure that it is error free. Strict attention should be paid while proof reading.

Book report writing can prove to be a difficult task for some but if you will follow the guidelines mentioned above then you will get an idea about what you are getting into and will help you in writing a successful book report. The instruction given might help you to write error free book report and in return will be rewarded with good grades. For any further help, please feel free to contact Alpha Academic Writing Services and get expert assistance.

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