How to write a Dissertation?

How to write a dissertationDissertation is one particular form of writing, and unlike other forms it is most difficult piece of work to write. Usually a student is free to choose the topic of his own choice, but he needs to write down all the findings with the proper explanation.  For the very first time, the students will come across with such a critical and serious paper in their whole academic career. This paper helps the professor to know about student’s creativity, skills, professionalism and knowledge.

The student is expected to cover more than 200 pages in the dissertation. This is because one has to cover a vast topic. Generally such kind of paper is written by a student, who wants to take this further in academics and build his career in it. If someone is planning to do PhD in future, he/she really needs to put in lot of effort in writing a dissertation.

Let us discuss some of the important guidelines useful in writing a dissertation.

  • Right topic should be chosen

The right selection of topic plays a vital role when you need to write a dissertation. It is quite a difficult approach because topic should be original, thought provoking, relevant and interesting. To write a voluminous dissertation, the topic should be broader in aspect so that it is not difficult to write as many pages as required. A lot of research is required in finding the right topic, and that will become the reason behind, why the professor should invest his time and interest in your write up.

  • Advisor should be contacted regularly

Advisor plays a very important role in the process of writing a dissertation. He is a professor who is responsible for the quality of work done by the student. The content is constantly written under the guidance of an advisor. Professor should assure that the content is written on daily basis, so that the flow does not get break and the final outcome is not impacted. Regular meetings should take place between student and advisor so that the student stays in touch with the process and does not go out of track. These meetings can be really useful to a student in order to extract useful information about the structure, format and appropriate manner of writing.

  • Hypothesis should be clarified

The reason behind writing a dissertation is to analyze the problem and solve it in a constructive manner. One should be clear in his research and then try to give the answers for the possible questions. Through his research, others should be able to get all the answers and explanations from hypothesis. In order to solve any problem, a student is expected to take up the professional approach.  Commission will observe all their activities and work done by them. To grab the attention and interest of commission, one must explain the hypothesis in the beginning itself.  Student must follow the instructions of the advisor, which will help them in writing a successful dissertation.

  • Make the outline and start researching

After clarifying the hypothesis, a detailed and logical outline needs to be drawn, which will answer all the possible questions. A good outline finishes half of your work successfully so the time invested in it should count. Dissertation can be completed in a long span of time, but one needs to put in continuous effort so as to not miss out any important detail. Apart from hard work and determination, a student needs to be consistent throughout the process to achieve the desired result. One cannot afford to miss out a single important point else it will lead to a void in the research. Outline should have all the essential and valuable points for research. After making the outline, all you need to do is to find the information and analyze it. Library is one such place, wherein you can get ample amount of information. It is very important to retrieve information from the trusted source. Internet is another way of finding the formation, but the sources should be 100% authentic. Try to gather information as much as possible, so that later you can put the content right into its place and further, can analyze it. Advisor is always there to help you at any stage of your research, so you should maximize your efforts and try to gain knowledge from an advisor as much as possible.

  • Data collection and follow the grammar

After taking the information from the authentic sources, one should start collecting useful data from it. There should not be any scope of committing mistakes because we have retrieved our data from the trusted sources. To create an impression on the professor, one must keep in mind that there should not be any grammatical mistake. At this level, one needs to show professionalism towards his work because this is the most important research of his academic career. And any mistake done at this stage can prove to be a big problem for student. A student while writing a dissertation should always keep in mind that his professor is going to read the entire content very carefully. It becomes his sole responsibility to keep a check before submitting the write up.

  • Presentation of the bibliography and revision of the text

Advisor can always ask a student to show the sources one has used for writing. He should be sure of the sources he has used to write the content is authentic. According to the given format, a detailed bibliography should be prepared.

The next and final step is revision of the text of the entire dissertation. You need to be a good observer while revising the whole document; any error can put you in a trouble. Your advisor can also punish at this level for making errors. Therefore, you should do every possible attempt to submit error free report. This will help the student to get good grades.

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