How to write a report?

How to write a reportA report is a well organized, systematic form of writing a document which well defines the problem and analyzes it. The presentation of a report should always be concise, accurate, clear and well structured. It may include:

  • Record of events
  • Interpretation of events
  • Evaluation of facts or results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

In the process of writing a report, one needs to do thorough research on the topics. It represents information not an argument and contains all the important technical details.

How to prepare

After selecting the topic, make sure that you are able to comprehend it and analyze it. The purpose of writing it and for whom it is written should also be clear in the mind. Clarity of thoughts will give you ease to write in an effective manner.

Planning and research

Form a proper structure which will form the basis of report. Write down the ideas and thoughts, later you can put them accordingly in the structure. A proper structure will present the report in a better manner. This will help the reader in order to not miss on any important point. A well planned structure of the report can help a student in obtaining good grades.

Now you can start planning the research, covering all the topics and questions which are relevant to the topic. It is very important to take down the notes, write down the methods used for research and the take the note of sources used for reference.

Research is another most important part of the report, wherein you gather all the data and put it in the form of useful information. Through research, he should clearly state why he chose the topic, research areas, arguments presenting in a proper manner with proper illustrations.

Formatting is a very important step which comes in the end and is very crucial from the perspective of both, student and professor. Place all the contents in a proper format or as per the instructions given by the professor. In case there are no instructions, follow the basic formatting tips:

Structure of a report

  1. Title
  2. Authors
  3. Abstract
  4. Table of contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Findings
  7. Conclusion
  8. References
  9. Bibliography
  • Introduction: Introduction is a very important part of report, which provides background information.  What is the problem to be discussed and purpose of writing a report? You can also write about the various methods/techniques if used explaining their significance. If written impressively, Introduction keeps the reader engaged to read the entire document. After every topic sentence of the body paragraph, justify your topic with the evidences.
  • Main body: One of the main sections of the report. It includes introduction, findings, conclusion and references. It reflects how the student is summarizing the whole content with the required information. Report is not an exaggerated form of writing so it is very important to keep it concise and precise.
  • Table of contents:  It comprises of all the main heading with sub headings of report. In addition, indicates the page numbers of the topics and sub-topics. It makes any document look more professional and complete.
  • Abstract: This part of the report will provide you the brief summary. It should be written in less than 200 words. The reader should get a glimpse of what he will be reading as an entire document.
  • Title: This should contain title, author and the date of submission.
  • Findings: After research, analyze the data by describing, comparing and evaluating. And later, the interpretation can be done based on the analysis.
  • Conclusion: This part highlights the thesis and final ideas on the topic. Reader should have something concrete to take away from the report. The summary section should be written well and revised properly by the student so that it looks prefect to the reader. It is one of the effective and important tools of communication.
  • References: This lists all the sources used in the content of the report.  It is important to mention them, so that reader can understand what have you wrote and from where you took the reference. In general, there are three types of references: website, journal article and book.

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