How to write a research paper?

How to write a research paperResearch paper is an extended form of writing, written by every student studying in university. It is mandatory to submit the paper to complete one’s tenure. It reflects the intelligence and skills of a student. Writing a research paper can be a learning process for oneself, where you will be doing primary as well as secondary research. Through the research, he should clearly state why he chose the topic, research areas, arguments presenting in a proper manner with proper illustrations. This paper will also help students to use their theoretical knowledge into practical application.

We are sharing some important guidelines on how to write a research paper.

  • Selection of the topic

The first step is the right selection of topic, which is very important in the process of writing a research paper. A good topic can keep your interest throughout, and will help you to write more effectively. If a research paper is written nicely, it will surely retain the interest of a professor till the end. Once the professor is impressed by your work, then the probability of getting good grades is on higher side. The topic will help in determining the hard work and precision one has put in the research. Student should narrow down the research into some relevant topics so that it can have a great impact on the reader. Performing research for a paper is a crucial part, so one should think in a broader aspect otherwise the time and effort will be wasted. It is very important for a student to keep research in line with the topic to achieve better result else the work done will not be of any use.

  • Outline should be made

The second step, which is equally important, is to compose an outline. Outline should cover all the important points of the research. A detailed outline is going to help student to remember every important point which can be essential for research. The outline should be a brief of your research paper highlighted in bullet points. One should obtain professor’s approval before moving further on the topic, otherwise one might just land up wasting his time and effort. Outline can give you a structure in order to proceed and utilize the allocated time efficiently.

  • Gathering the information

The third step in this process is to gather information which will help you in completion of the project. The source of information is very important because the quality of work depends on it. When you are searching for the information, you need to assure that the sources being used are authentic. The kind of work done is directly proportional to the type of sources used; therefore reliable source is the only key to good quality of work done. It is the responsibility of the student to analyze the problem from every aspect and then draw the conclusion.

  • Designing of methodology section

Methodology is yet again another important aspect in writing a research paper. The kind of methods used by the student tells his creativity and ability to analyze the topic and provide the effective solution. Different kind of approach should be applied to the paper. Methods are really important from two perspectives, one from the student side and another from the professor side, so student should come out with unique and best methods to carry out the research.  Methods will contribute in making your research look more interesting and comprehensive.

  • Main body of the paper

Main body should have all the relevant areas covered. The research which is done so far will now be utilized and presented to the professor in the best possible way. This part of the research shows how much honest effort is put in by the student to make his research look best among the lot. The success of the project is largely dependent on the main body of the paper. A properly designed main body is the mirror reflection of the student creativity and thought provoking ideas. More ideas will certainly maximize the chances of getting good grades from professor. With good grade, comes feedback and reviews, which are important for betterment of the student. And for future projects, one will be highly motivated and confident.

 A paper consists of introduction, methodology, conclusion, bibliography etc. Any research paper is incomplete without bibliography, so a student must write this section according to the standards suggested by professor.

  • Conclusion

The last part is conclusion which is equally important like the other part of the paper, and so should be written with precision and professionalism. The findings of the paper should be briefly summarized for the reader, emphasizing more on the inferences of the findings. The motive of the conclusion should be met, which is to leave the reader with some concrete thought. The paper written should make sense to everyone, and also have right impact on the society. The relevance of the content of the paper is equally important to both writer and reader. The summary section should be written and revised properly by the student so that it looks prefect to the reader.

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